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Join Our CDPAP Agency - Where your comfort and care are our utmost priority. We champion your right to select, train and schedule your caregiver, ensuring your very own personalized home care experience.


We provide CDPAP services to the 5 boroughs of New York and Beyond


Our Reviews

I was very pleased with the organization and speed of everything. Elena provides excellent customer service and explains every step and detail patiently and clearly.
Natasha Mzh
I highly recommend Caring Assistants Home Care Agency. I recently switched to this agency and the Intake Coordinators Elena Kim and Darcon Polanco helped us have such a smooth transition. They helped me with every question I had and did it in the timely manner. Also I would like to mention our Care coordinator Alena who is very professional and attentive and always got back to us immediately. I recommend this agency, you will be in good hands.
Elena Key
The case worker Eva is great! She is very helpful and a pleasure to work with. Always there when you need her and always answers the phone right away. She is very polite, respectful, and kind. She always checks in on her patients and makes sure they are doing well and being well taken care Thank you so much!
Natalya Ustoyeva

The Power of Personalized Care


Our CDPAP services empower you with the autonomy to directly hire and manage your healthcare providers, ensuring a personalized care regimen


The flexibility inherent in our CDPAP program accommodates a broad spectrum of healthcare needs, from basic assistance to complex medical tasks


By actively involving you in healthcare decisions, our CDPAP program aims to improve the quality of care, leading to enhanced health outcomes and patient satisfaction.


What is CDPAP?

The Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP) is a New York Medicaid-funded program that allows elderly and disabled individuals to have greater control over their home care experience. It enables them to choose caregivers they trust, including family and friends, and ensures these caregivers are compensated for their services.

What Role Does Caring Assistants Play in CDPAP?

Caring Assistants is a specialized division that focuses on the CDPAP program. We ensure that caregivers are paid on time and handle all the administrative tasks, making the home care experience smooth and personalized for each individual.

What is a Fiscal Intermediary (FI)?

A Fiscal Intermediary, like Caring Assistants, is responsible for the administrative and financial aspects of the CDPAP program. We help you manage your chosen caregivers effectively.

Who is Eligible for CDPAP?

To be eligible for CDPAP, you must:
  • Be enrolled in Medicaid
  • Require assistance in daily living
  • Be capable of directing your own care or have someone who can do so on your behalf

How Does the Application Process Work?

The application process can be complex, but Caring Assistants makes it simple. Our dedicated specialists guide you through each step, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Who Can Be a Caregiver in CDPAP?

Almost anyone you trust can be a caregiver, except for spouses, designated care representatives, and parents if you are under 21. Caregivers do not need prior healthcare experience, as you can train them yourself.

What Are the Responsibilities and Benefits of a Caregiver?

CDPAP caregivers can perform a wide range of tasks, from administering medications to skilled nursing tasks. They are also eligible for various benefits, including insurance and paid time off.

What Are the Financial Aspects of CDPAP?

The program is fully funded by Medicaid, so there are no out-of-pocket expenses for consumers. Caregivers are compensated by Caring Assistants, with rates based on location and hours of service.

How is CDPAP Different from Traditional Home Care?

CDPAP offers more flexibility and control to the consumer. It allows for specialized care without the need for formal training and helps to bypass common staffing shortages in traditional home care.

What Are the Advantages of CDPAP?

The CDPAP model offers numerous benefits, including:
  • The ability to hire trusted caregivers
  • Improved quality of life
  • Complete control over your care
  • Compensation for caregivers

How Can Caring Assistants Help Me?

Our experienced team is committed to guiding you and your family through the CDPAP journey. From application to ongoing support, we are here to ensure you receive the best care possible.

Where Does Caring Assistants Operate?

We serve various locations, extending from the heart of New York City to the broader New York State area.
For more information or to start your CDPAP journey, contact Caring Assistants. We are committed to providing unparalleled care every step of the way.


CDPAP Services

CDPAP caregivers are trained to offer a comprehensive range of services that go beyond traditional caregiving roles.
These services include:

Medication Administration

Caregivers can assist with medication schedules, ensuring timely and accurate doses.

Skilled Nursing Tasks

Unlike traditional home care attendants, CDPAP caregivers can perform more medically complex tasks, such as wound care and injections.

Meal Preparation

Caregivers can prepare nutritious meals tailored to the consumer’s dietary needs and preferences.

Personal Care

This includes assistance with bathing, dressing, and grooming.


Light housekeeping tasks like cleaning, laundry, and dishwashing can also be performed.


Caregivers can assist with transportation to medical appointments, social events, and other necessary outings.


Whether it’s groceries or medications, caregivers can handle shopping tasks.

Mobility Assistance

Help with walking, transferring from bed to chair, and other mobility needs are also covered.

Mental Health

Having a caregiver you know, and who you chose, can make a huge difference to your mental health.


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CDPAP Caregiver Beneifts

Competitive Compensation

Caregivers are paid at competitive rates, which vary based on location and the number of service hours provided.

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Insurance Benefits

Eligible caregivers can receive health insurance reimbursement and accident insurance.

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Paid Time Off

Caregivers can accrue up to 70 hours of paid time off per year, allowing for a healthy work-life balance.

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Skill Development

CDPAP offers an excellent opportunity for skill development, especially for those interested in a healthcare career.

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Emotional Reward

Perhaps the most significant benefit isn knowing that you are making a meaningful difference in someone's life.

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Flexible Scheduling

One of the unique benefits of CDPAP is the flexibility it offers. Caregivers can work on a schedule that suits both them and the consumer

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